New Blog Format: Shelter for Sensitive Souls

Hello, friends! I haven’t blogged in five months and decided I needed to change the format a bit. I am mostly changing the mood of this page and its purpose. I want it to be for writers and readers alike, particularly sensitive souls like myself. I have renamed the blog Shelter for Sensitive Souls. It will still consist of Motivation Monday quotes and Writing Wednesday prompts, though the prompts will now be geared toward personal development rather than fiction writing. I will also be adding Sanctuary Saturdays, which will consist of life reflections on various topics that I hope many can relate to. These topics will include marriage, mental health, faith, and art, among others. I hope you enjoy the new format. ❤


Fun with

Sometimes we find motivation in unexpected places. What finally unlocked the ability to work on my next novel was creating my characters on and putting them in a scene. 🙂

**Update: Since this post, Bitstrips went viral and turned into a different platform, and my little comic strip with my novel characters in it no longer exists. :’( Oh, well!

Fun with