Writing Wednesday

Happy Writing Wednesday, friends! Let’s talk about dialogue tags today. Dialogue tags are the “he said” and “she said” marks that follow lines of dialogue. There are right and wrong ways to go about dialogue tags. To make the right ways easy to remember, here’s a mnemonic:

  • T = Track. While you should keep action tags to a minimum, you want to make sure your reader can track which character is speaking.
  • A = Act. Whenever possible, use action to identify the character instead of a dialogue tag. Not only does this technique help readers track who is speaking, but it also paints a more vivid picture. Example:“I’d like to make a toast to all my fellow writers.” She lifted her glass, and the golden champagne swirled inside.
  • G = Grow. Use pauses in dialogue as an opportunity to grow your characters while identifying who is speaking. Instead of a dialogue tag, describe the characters introspection at that moment–thoughts, feelings. But remember to show and not tell feelings.
  • S = Simplify. Use simple, one-syllable tags, like “he said,” “she asked,” and “he yelled.” Don’t get fancy or your readers will focus on the tags instead of the dialogue.

I hope this post was helpful, and best of luck to you as you track, act, grow, and simplify your characters as they engage in dialogue!



Writing Wednesday

Happy Writing Wednesday, friends! Well, although I didn’t post on Monday,  I want to quickly share something that motivated me this week. I just got a new pet betta fish named Violet, and not only is she adorable, but she also motivates me to spend more time at my desk, which means more time writing.

What motivates you to write? What is the writing experience like for you when you’re motivated? Take some time today to journal on this topic, and see if it opens some new creative avenues for you. Have fun!

And because I can’t resist, here’s little Violet. 🙂

Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, friends! Sorry for disappearing last week. I was having entirely too much fun in Oregon, but I’ve come back with plenty of motivation to share. It’s amazing how much nature can motivate us. Last week, I stayed at a Christmas tree farmhouse, and the setting was picturesque and brought with it a sense of calm and inspiration. My challenge to you for this week is to spend some time with nature to recharge your motivation.