Writing Wednesday

Happy Writing Wednesday, friends! This Monday, I got an incredibly helpful professional critique, and I learned so much from the feedback. Most importantly, I learned how to improve my plot development. I’d like to share my three biggest plot development lessons with you.

  1. Line up the plot points in your novel so that all the tension rises together in the climax of the story, rather than creating and resolving conflicts in waves or letting time pass in between critical events. I’m rearranging some events in my story to increase the stress on my main characters, and it creates a much more gripping read.
  2. Don’t let the story drag on too long after the climax. The conflict needs a satisfying resolution, but don’t leave your readers wishing the book had ended sooner.
  3. Add depth and richness to your main characters. Include meaningful interactions with family members and friends to bring out additional layers in your main characters. Use secondary characters to strengthen your book’s theme while adding tension and providing insight into your main characters.

I hope you’ll benefit from these lessons as much as I have. Best of luck on your writing!

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