Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, friends! Well, it’s a week from Christmas Eve and there’s a lot left to be done. For many, this season is a time filled with joy and peace, but for others, it’s a time of sadness and loneliness. For others still, it’s both.

It’s often hard to tell who is feeling what, but one thing is universally true: we all want to feel a sense of love and belonging. In this mixed season, I invite you to lean on each other, be open and honest with each other, motivate each other, and not focus on the shopping and deadlines as much as the people themselves.

Do you feel at peace today, amidst the busyness of the holidays? If not, what do you need to feel at peace this holiday season? What do your loved ones need? Can you ask them? Can you provide it for them? Or can you simply pray for them or wish them well? Friends, I am praying that all of you have true peace and joy during the holidays and that you find it in yourselves to focus on your blessings. A friend posted today that we must empty our cups before filling them. I challenge you to pour out anything you don’t want in your cup, and fill it with whatever brightens your life most.

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