Motivation Monday

Happy Motivation Monday, friends! Sorry for posting in the evening instead of in the morning, but I think it’s for the best–my evening was motivational and I’d like to share it with you.

I just came home from a Christmas gathering with some fellow local authors, and I feel recharged. I was having a bad case of the Mondays (and I don’t mean the Motivation Mondays–more like the Miserable Mondays). However, I’m thrilled to say my amazing author friends turned things around for me by sharing their journey milestones and personal updates, and of course, laughs. ❤

If you had a Miserable Monday instead of a Motivation Monday, please do yourself a huge favor and get together with some other writers. Nothing is quite as motivating as gathering with others who are experiencing the same journey.

Remember–there’s strength in numbers. Don’t be a lonely number 1. Go do some math: practice your addition (add encouraging writer friends) and your subtraction (subtract negative self-talk).

Words and numbers unite! 🙂


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